Peacefully Nourished

Our mission is to motivate and guide you toward restoring health, balance, and wholeness in your body by creating a peaceful, sustainable relationship with food.

At Peacefully Nourished, we provide professionally accredited, science-based education and counseling tailored to your unique needs. In order to support our clients finding a place of balance, health, and peace within their body, we value:

  • Competence: Scientifically evidenced-based practice is essential.
  • HumilityThe body is wise and infinitely complex. Open-minded curiosity is
    important in addressing what science can’t explain.
  • Whole Food: A “food first” approach is best. While is optimally designed to provide the body with what it needs.  
  • A Holistic Perspective: It is necessary to take into account the whole person, including mind, heart, and spirituality.
  • Respect: Everyone is an individual. Everyone is valuable. Everyone is worthy.
  • Compassion: Every journey is unique. We must meet people wherever they are on the path.
  • Health At Every Size: Good health is not based on body size or shape. A body-positive approach leads the way to optimum health.
  • Interconnectedness: Mind, body, and spirit are intimately connected. What we think, feel, and believe directly affects how our bodies function.
  • Intuition: The body communicates what it needs, and listening is a skill anyone can learn.
  • Mindfulness: To create space for healing to thrive, we must first slow down and pay attention.
  • Connection: The depth and breadth of our relationships and being part of a community are all key factors in our health.
  • Excellence: We hold ourselves, and each other, to the highest standards of professional excellence through ongoing education, peer mentorship, and clear communication.


Emily (she/her) has earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington, and a Master of Science in Nutrition Education from Chico State University. She has completed a didactic program and is licensed as a Certified Nutritionist with the State of Washington. She has spent nearly 15 years guiding people to effective solutions to nutrition-related health issues and helping them find peace and healing. Each day she continues to learn and explore is so thankful for the clients who have taken her on their journeys. She works with families, adolescents, teens, and adults.

Emily‘s approach is client-centered, weight-inclusive, and trauma-informed.  She utilizes intuitive and mindful eating principles as she has found this to be the most successful and long-term way to achieve nutrition goals. Using current scientific information, Emily will empower you to make appropriate choices and strengthen your body. She works to create an environment where you can improve your health, relationship with food, and your relationship with your body. Emily does powerful work to help normalize eating habits and create peaceful nourishment for those she has the opportunity to work with. 

As part of a team approach, partnering with various other local providers, her area of expertise is in working with those struggling with disordered eating of all types, including those not specifically defined by criteria.

Emily is also a licensed Be Body Positive group facilitator and offers group workshops a couple of times a year on topics related to body image.

Outside of the office Emily is a wife and mother and enjoys spending time outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her kids.