I am excited to partner with you.  Please check your email for instructions on how to complete intake paperwork before your first visit.

We’ll spend the first visit exploring your concerns and what you hope to accomplish through nutrition counseling. We’ll also ask about your medical history, eating patterns, beliefs about food and nutrition – all the details we need to design a nutrition plan and develop specific goals that fit your unique needs.

During follow-up visits, we’ll work with you to implement your nutrition plan, and provide the support you need to make real, sustainable changes in your health and your relationship with food. Because that process takes time, we make sure your plan is based on achievable milestones. We want you to feel success at every step, not just the last.


All counseling appointments with Peacefully Nourished  can be scheduled via HIPPA compliant telehealth (virtual video appointment) sessions. A copy of our Privacy Policy can be found here

Many insurances cover telehealth with the same benefits as in-person sessions, but check with your individual insurance company to make sure.